Toxictoons - Tongue Tied Mask

Toxictoons - Tongue Tied Mask

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What represents a Toxictoon better than a pop-eyed zombie skull with a long, tied-up tongue?ᅠ Well, that is exactly what we have here with this amazing Toxictoon, Tongue Tied. From the demented mind of Eric Pigors and the sculpting genius of Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Tongue Tied is the ultimate Toxictoon.

And what is a Toxictoon you ask? To quote Toxictoons' creator, Eric Pigors, "It's a cartoon character described as a nutty, scabbed, chicken-poxed, lily-livered, stiched-up, bone-poppin' goofball with some sort of diabolical, disturbing dilemma in store."

Tongue Tied comes complete with hair, stiches, skull teeth and a long, tied-up tongue.

So grab your craziest costume and get your Tongue Tied mask and you'll be ready to go this Halloween!

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