Sideshow Monkey - Nail Mouth Mask

Sideshow Monkey - Nail Mouth Mask

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Direct from the pages of Sideshow Monkey: The Art of David Hartman comes one of David's most horrific creations, Nail Mouth. Described as a Zombie that ate his way out of a coffin, Nail Mouth is sure to horrify all that come in contact with him.

Sculpted by our Art Director, Justin Mabry, Nail Mouth comes complete with nails, haunting yellow eyes and dead stringy black hair.

This is a truly horrifying Halloween Mask, and needs to be worn to get the full effect. We guarantee that kids and adults alike will run as fast as they can when they see Nail Mouth approaching. So get yourself a black robe and an axe and go nuts this Halloween as Nail Mouth!

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