Meet Grant Burns a master of blistering technical precision!

To celebrate the release of his single and upcoming album 'Chaos in Design' ALT CVLT and Rue Morgue Records are excited to announce a live in-store performance from one of Australia's most exceptional guitarists, Grant Burns.
When: Saturday 6th July 2019
Time: 5:00pm
ALT CVLT 7e Station St, Frankston, Vic 3199
Come down to grab a signed copy of the limited edition 7" single and see the maestro at work! Specials in store during the event. Check out his outstanding playing in the link below. See you there!

A master of blistering technical precision and agile fretboard work, Grant Burns combines proficiency with tapping, legato hybrid picking, sweep and alternate picking with dynamic, levitating melodies underpinned by a fundamental death metal bedrock. His command of advanced technique and mature, arterial passion for many styles of heavy music have led Grant to land gigs alongside greats such as Opeth, Children of Bodom, Annihilator, Mayhem, Hate Eternal and Bloodbath. With national and international tours and eight releases with Mason, Vespers Descent, Darkenium and Watercolour Ghosts, Grant now releases his first solo album 'Chaos in Design'. The release is a progressive journey firmly built on gutsy, precise rhythm guitars, woven with rising dynamic melodies and intricate guitar work in the leads. Drawing from fusion and metal influences such as Brett Garsed, Alex Akolnick, Alex Hutchings, and James Murphy, Grant Burns delivers a unique guitar style balancing maturity and technical prowess with charismatic energy and infectious dynamic range, resulting in a progressive journey that manages to be simultaneously coherent and adventurous. The single is available as a limited edition 7-inch at Rue Morgue Records, and of course in person at this exclusive in-store !

Grant Burns Live In STore July 6th 2019
Check out his work here>>

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